State Executive Board

State of Iowa Executive Board

Soror Barbara Okeke Soror Barbara Okeke

Iowa State Director

2017-2018 State Executive Board


First Row (left to right): Soror Samantha Hughes, Midwestern Regional Director; Soror Barbara Okeke, Iowa State Director
Second row  (left to right): Soror Joyce Bruce, State Life Members Coordinator; Soror Tracy George, State Tamias; Soror Briana Gipson, State Assistant Phylacter; Soror Latoya Lewis, State Phylacter
Third row (left to right): Soror Jacquelyn Obeng, State Tamias Grammateus; Soror Toni Thomas, State Nominating Chair & Youth Advisor; Soror Gabrielle Young, State Assistant Grammateus; Soror Monica Hudson, State Co-Undergraduate Advisor; Soror Camellia Austin, State Grammateus
*not pictured: Soror Tiara Mays, State Co-Undergraduate Advisor